Pollution has Reached a Critical Level in Gurgaon (1 min read)

Pollution has Reached a Critical Level in Gurgaon (1 min read)

Four private schools in Gurgaon (including mine) have declared holiday on Friday due to the severe quality of air, while other schools have issued advisories for students to wear mask and curb outdoor activities.

PM2.5 is a suspended particulate matter which is a major constituent of air pollution. Being a very fine particle it can settle in the lungs and cause various respiratory problems.

Data showed PM2.5 level reaching 727 micrograms per cubic metre. The permissible limit is just 60 micrograms per cubic metre.

Guys feel free to share this post! Awareness needs to be spread!!




Picture credits: HINDUSTAN TIMES


59 thoughts on “Pollution has Reached a Critical Level in Gurgaon (1 min read)

  1. Hello Newzo… Long time no see you in our bloggosphere. I was wondering about you, wondering if you were still around? I hope to get a little “hello” from you soon 🙂

    *Hugs* from Montréal xx


  2. Wow… It’s incredible to see how we use our planet and don’t seem to care about the consequences… Very eye-opening! Thanks for sharing.

    I was also coming by to see how things were going…. I’m hoping you are doing well 🙂 Have a great week, Newzo xx


  3. Hi Newzo

    I just came across your blog, and I must say I’m really very impressed by your style of writing. It’s so amazing to how you can express your point of you in such a beautiful manner without forcing yourself to use tough vocabulary! Amazing! Please keep posting😁😁

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      1. I feel sorry for you, Newzo. You have all this school work in the way, must be really stressfull! I hope and I know you hope too that you can get a post out to us in the coming months 🙂


  4. Even Delhi NCR is in the same state..though our schools are not closed! Almost 50 crores have been used for buying crackers by people in Delhi! Here Delhi is just an Union Territory..now its really difficult to imagine about the other states of our country! :””33

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      1. Lol I was searching for blogs related to “God” cuz I wanna know what makes people think that God exists?..though nevermind I somehow saw your blog in that !

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      2. That’s interesting! Sometimes even i wonder why people believe so much in “God” and who invented all these rituals like pooja and prasad to respect them. The God is no where to be seen and yet people believe he/she is everywhere.

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      3. You will never get a proof that he exists or not. See the God is not a physical form, but an idea. When everything is going wrong with a person’s life, the person needs someone to blame, the person needs someone to have faith on, to feel as if someone is still watching him and supporting him, and whatever is happening is happening for a greater good so this person starts believing in God.

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      4. Lol okay what I think is a person should have faith, hope in himself/herself. Everything will go alright than. And another thing who created God than? Who? Who? Who?

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      5. When humans don’t understand something they automatically try come up with a reason for it. Our brains our programmed like that, that’s the reason why we have come so ahead in development. The people who lived waaay before you they had no idea about science, the best reason they came up was that there is some unknown force who is controlling all this rain and other natural phenomenon. What is the one place which our ancestors couldnt reach but could see amazing things happening there? The sky. To them the sky was the place from where the water came, from where the light came(due to sun), which told them when to sleep(when sun sets) and when to wake up(when sun rises). To them some unknow force was controlling all the things happening in the sky. This unknow force came to be known as God who lives above us.

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      6. Okay okay!! Great explanation let me think of a good agruement on this topic..😂Than I will bother u again! But if this is true^ tell me how come peeps knew about Shiv , Ganesh and all their other fellow mates

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      7. Okay I think i have answer to your question, when different communities came up with different perception of God, for some communities there is only one God and for other there are separate Gods controlling different wonders of the nature. In ancient times the only source of entertainment was stories, so people came up with stories related to Gods because on the topic of Gods the story tellers could play with their imagination. If you look at today’s world dont people love fictional stories? Stories which have superheroes, or stuff which we know doesnt actually exist but are there in the fictions because why not? For them Gods were kind of like there superheroes. So why did the elders took interest in god? Children love superheroes not grown up people. It is because the elders firmly believed in Gods because they could see his miracles (rain,thunder,natural disasters) happening all around them. Another way in which names of Gods came into existence is that whenever someone did something extraordinary, like win a huge battle, help a lot of people or anything which ancient people thought is impossible for humans, they started calling this person “Bhagvan ka avatar” (A God who has come on Earth in the form of a human)

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      8. Bhagwan ka avtar? 🔔😂😂😂okay now I got it- Its WE(people) who created GOD and its GOD who created WE(people). Ishwar Satya Hai😂 Damn! Nevermind, thank you so much, A life long question which was pending got answer today but gaved birth to few more question😂 Hah, Thanks again🌹

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    1. The pollution drastically increased after Diwali! This year my family and I didnt use any crackers or rockets. If Everyone does these little little things we can make huge impact together

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  5. That pollution is awful! It reminds me of the London smogs in the 1950s, caused by coal fires, in addition to traffic. It makes me more aware of the sense of the pollution laws here in the UK too.
    Regards, Pete.
    (No need to put ‘1 Min read’, we will read it no matter how long it is!)

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