I NEED YOUR HELP!! (less than 1 min read ) 

I NEED YOUR HELP!! (less than 1 min read ) 

I am stuck guys, and I can’t decide which way to take.

Should I give admission tests right after my boards and get into a decent college?


Should I take a gap year, join a coaching centre, study harder, give admission test next to next year, and get into one of the top 5 colleges?


I want to take a gap year, but it will include a lot of stress because coaching centres literally grind you, but they ensure admission to top colleges.


29 thoughts on “I NEED YOUR HELP!! (less than 1 min read ) 

  1. hey Newzo.. I think gap year is not a gamble at all for those who have the guts & believe in themselves.I am eligible to answer this bcoz this is my gap year n i am preparing for some entrances.So it totally depends on you. For any exam a decent 3 month study & 2-3 months normal coachings are required which is more than enough to clear any exam.Another thing i would like to add is that even during the gap year the real preparation starts before 3 – 4 months only.So , i suggest u go for a gap year.There are people who go to colleges n also prepare for tests that’s a gamble. Don’t do that…Feel free to ask anything regarding this topic


  2. My friend, you already answered your own question:

    “I want to take a gap year, but it will include a lot of stress…”

    Simply be mindful of the stress and incorporate skills in managing it effectively. Beyond that, you already know in your GUT what to do. Best wishes.

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  3. Thank you Laura I finally know what I want to do! I had full faith that you will open my eyes, and so you did!

    The subjects which I will have to study are different from what I like, but I’m studying the same subjects at school right now and I’m scoring quite well (touch wood). Even my teachers have told me that I am capable of getting into IIT (best university in my country).

    The easy path looks more comforting to me and it would look the same to most, but I know if I will take it I will regret not even trying. I will keep on thinking that I could have got the best yet I settled for something decent.

    I’ll take a gap year and give my 100 percent to the admission tests!!! I don’t mind taking a gap year if it could set me years ahead in my career.

    And even if I won’t get into one, I would have already studied so much by that time that the admission tests to other decent colleges will seem easy to me😃

    Thanks Laura
    Stay awesome

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  4. Newzo, all I can do for you here on this situation is give advice to you the same as I gave my two children who went through and graduated college. The hard road is never looked upon as the right path to take. Most are tempted by the road that is clear and easy. All good things comes with a price of hard work and never loosing site of your goals. From reading the above comments who came before me… I think I understand that you would have to study subjects to get through the admission tests for a good college. While you’re interested in a whole different subject. Taking a year off is risky as life tends to open up for you after High School and the temptations begin to taunt you around each corner.. So, look at it simply … say you want to lose 10 pounds, you know how to achieve this goal, eat well, exercise, etc… But, bad food is easier to eat than cooking a well balanced meal in the evenings when you’re tired.. So, you opt for bad food and say to yourself , tomorrow I’ll get it right and eat well to attain my goal…Often there are many more tomorrows ….and you repeat the bad eating telling yourself tomorrow will be fine…

    I told my children one thing at their time of High School Graduation.. I said, don’t begin college unless you’re ready to give to it 100%..Is this what you really want for your life down the road? There as so many questions you need to honestly ask of yourself, Hearts get tempted… But, your gut knows the path to take.. only you know the real YOU….the real GOALS…only you can truly answer this question of do you take 1 year off or do you put in the really hard work and continue toward your college days…

    With that being said, my two children went right from High School Graduation, enjoyed their summer, and then began their College Days that September…

    We can merely give you added thoughts…It is you that already knows the answers….

    I have faith in you and I have a feeling you will make the right decision for your goals…

    One last thought, My dear Newzo, life passes by in a blink of an eye.. it may not appear like that to you at the moment, but you’re young… believe me there are Windows Open to you at this point in time, but beware of them closing sooner than you expected…

    I told both my children this, The worst thing in life is regret…..

    Take care my dear friend … Laura mother of two…..

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  5. I support you should take a year off to get prepared for one the top 5 schools, but listen! You have to be very careful and concentrate while going for the coaching, because it’s not how far, but how well, there might be lots of distractions on the process, I know about science courses and also science subjects, if you leave them for 1 month, they’ll leave you for 1 year. Make sure that you don’t get carried away. Focus on your coaching and study, with that you will be able to make it to one of the top 5 schools or even the best school among the 5.
    I wish you the best!

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  6. It’s up to you, which I know is not the most helpful advice. It sounds like you know that taking a gap year and going to a coaching centre will be tough, but worth it.

    It also depends on what you want to study. If one of the top 5 schools has one of the best programs and offers opportunities to help you land the career you want, I’d say go for it.

    If you’re really unsure, what always helped me in decisions like this is write down a list of the pros and cons. Obviously, the one with the most pros outweighs the option with more cons, but really look at what you wrote for the list to see why you feel this way.

    Good luck!

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    1. Writing down pros and cons of both sounds like a brilliant idea! And you are also right taking gap year is worth it, so I will most probably take a gap year. I’ll definitely use your pros and cons way for my future dilemmas. Thanks for the help😃

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  7. It really depends on your ambition to make it to the “crème de la crème” colleges… And how motivated you are about your studies. If you are sure that that gap year will get you to one of that top 5 colleges, and that you are sure you’ll stopping for a year won’t affect your will to go on with your studies… I’d say listen to your heart…

    When are the admission tests if you decide to take them now and not take the gap year option?

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    1. Finals get over by March, and admission tests of most of the universities end by April mid. The thing is I love computer science, I only want to do computer science but admission tests only ask questions from physics, maths, chemistry and English. I’m completely motivated to study computers, but the chapters which come for test I’m like 70 percent motivated?

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      1. Ok… and what about this (note that I am not aware of how admissions work out, and everything that is involved in the process, but maybe I have something here…)

        You try to concentrate for the admission tests… see if you make it in one of the top 5 colleges you aim for, and if not, take the year off to get prepared for next year’s?

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      2. The admission tests of the top colleges include a vast syllabus, with finals this close I can’t risk studying for the admission tests and risk my school finals. I’ll have to choose one. You said listen to my heart…to be honest I’m more inclined towards gap year because I didn’t study so hard in 11th and 12th to end up in a decent college!! I deserve better!!!

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      3. I never regretted listening to my heart… Sometimes it leads you on a bumpy road, but when it is what you really want, you always find a way out!!

        I like that last sentence, you do deserve the best for yourself! I love your attitude 🙂

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  8. I think that a gap year is a gamble. You might not want to continue your studies afterwards.
    My instinct is to say take the admission boards, and go straight to university.
    But what do I know? I left school before I was 18!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Don’t know much about your system over there, but maybe the gap year may give you some more time to decide on exactly what study field you want to take or settle in whilst you do the coaching…

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