Things Went EXACTLY as I Planned

Things Went EXACTLY as I Planned

I was so much distracted by board preparations that I almost forgot about the life after boards!! My last year in school is about to end and I am not even sure which college should I apply to. 
Tomorrow is the first day of school after Diwali vacation of six days. I am planning to talk to teachers and my classmates about good colleges for computers and about the admission process!!

I finished two very important chapters today!!! I was worried I won’t be able to complete them so….phew.

  1. Almost half syllabus done
  2. Will get a haircut soon

13 thoughts on “Things Went EXACTLY as I Planned

  1. Choosing the right specialist college is undoubtedly important.
    Well done for completing those chapters, despite the Diwali celebrations.
    I will look forward to hearing which place you decide to take.
    (And I don’t really need haircuts, as I have so little hair left, at my age!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Wow that’s pretty awesome! Most people don’t do that, to be honest I come under “most people” too. That’s why people have like 100 followers but just 10-20 likes. I don’t know about your place but it’s 2:00 am here sooo GOOD NIGHT PETE!!!


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