Can’t live without blogging now, can I

Can’t live without blogging now, can I

Thanks to all the new followers for finding my page worth your time ๐Ÿ™‚ and the rest who didn’t unfollow in my absence! 

I thought I would take a break from blogging till my boards get over (they get over mid-march) but NO!

I was in desperate need of a stress buster, I really needed something to do other than useless rote learning  (which cbse is all about) Then this voice in my head said “You have a blog…idiot.” 

So I’m here typing this 2:39 am in the morning…..


  1. This blog will become more of a journal now
  2. I study the whole day but the output is literally of just a few hours
  3. Haven’t bathed for like 3 days 

16 thoughts on “Can’t live without blogging now, can I

  1. I understand how you feel. I’m in my final classes for my Paralegal Studies degree. But, like the others, I fully believe in a balance. Otherwise, you get burnt out! For me, I use a reward system. When I complete an hour’s worth of work for my class, I reward myself with 15 minutes of a computer game, YouTube videos, etc. It really works. Best of luck in your classes.

    Laura Beth

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  2. Your study is very important, though it’s stressful, but you also need to find the balance so that you won’t lose everything at a time, just be patient and also follow everything slowly, am sure that everything will be fine

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  3. Hello there my good friend… Yes I can agree with beetleypete that your studies take priority, but I also know that you do need to de-stress from time to time as well .. I think for the time being making a sort of journal out of this blog is a really good idea.. Sometimes we need just a few moments to step away from the pressures and vent.. So, Journal away and we are all here to listen to you and offer support with your studies and your goals.. Take care, Laura

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  4. It sounds as if your studies are consuming your life at the moment, Newzo. However, I feel sure that you will be glad you did them, when you are older and have a good job. Blogging can always wait for real life, don’t forget that.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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