Things are happening too damn fast! 111 followers in 22 days! DAMN! 

Im lovinit 😍

And the 100% credit of this achievement goes to you all!!! I love you guys!

Keep reading! Stay awesome!

More posts are incoming! But the process is slowed down as my mid-term examination is about to start 😦 It’s my very important year of highschool so I HAVE TO GIVE it more importance😣


62 thoughts on “I FEEL INVINCIBLE !!!

  1. Newzo, congrats bro!
    Have you given any thought to having a mobile app version of your blog so that your users can visit you at the touch of an icon? I am a blogger and mobile developer looking for app testers, and would develop and publish your app on the Google Play Store at no cost to you, we only ask that you test the app (thoroughly) and contact us with any concerns or changes you think others would like. Of course right now it would only be available to Android devices, but once we get the Apple versions ready, we would have those ready for testing as well. This would help you better distribute your site and help me become a better developer,

    Keep up the hard work and stay focused
    -Jacque’ Terrell


    1. I KNOW AND I LOVE YOU YOU FOR IT!! You are the first person to nominate me you know. The thing is I have exams till 23rd so I have like devoted my complete attention to studies! I have already kept “accepting the award” at no.1 in my to-do listπŸ˜†
      Stay awesome

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      1. Awww, gee. I love you too! HAHAHA. Really? I am? That’s amazing! My exams are done for this particular period, though. Good luck in your exams! I am looking forward and will be keeping a watchful eye to your response. Likewise! Stay awesome, too! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Newzo, I can almost see the smile on your face, congratulations on the 111 followers. I’m sure there are more by the time you read this message to you my friend. Yes, you must study like as my grandmother use to say, “Like there’s no tomorrow.” I’m sure your priorities are in check and you’ll do just wonderful on all of your exams. You have our support … Take care, Laura πŸ™‚

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