HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! Here are 7 things only Indians can relate to:

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! Here are 7 things only Indians can relate to:

  • Here a Crowd, There a Crowd, Everywhere a Crowd-Crowd

It is inevitable in India. Parks, bus stops, railway stations, subways, restaurants, plains, mountains, romantic gardens and any other place you can name.

  • Unbreakable bond

You have an instant liking for a person you discover belongs to your state or shares the same surname.

  • Everyone loves The Almighty

Every home you visit, you will find a place exclusively dedicated to gods. There’s a mini-temple in every house. I won’t be surprised if there’s one at your place too. Comment if you have one!!!

  • You think nothing is impossible and there exists a ‘Jugaad’ (Hindi synonym for ‘ work around’ )for every problem on earth.

Don’t have enough money? There’s a jugaad. Don’t have enough space for uncountable guests night staying at your home for no apparent reason? There’s a jugaad!!!

  • A skill every Indian has: bargaining

You stop an auto rickshaw and then you tell the driver where you want to be dropped. The actual price of being dropped there is 70 rupees but the driver asks for 100 because he knows you will bargain. You bargain. You tell him what utter nonsense he is saying the price must be 50 rupees, the driver rejects the negotiation. You walk away with as much attitude as possible, the driver chases you and asks you to settle the deal for 70 rupees or nothing. You accept the offer!!!

  • Honking Cars

You are driving, listening to your favourite music. Such a soothing and pleasant drive and then *peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

  • Good ol’ritual for Apologising to Books

Whenever our foot touches anything related to studies (book, pencil, eraser,etc.) by mistake, we immediately put our fingers on it, then we put our fingers on head, nose and lips sequentially to compete our apology.

  • And one extra special one for all the unmarried Indian women


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