TEACHERS?! Why Do You All Love to Unleash Hell?!

TEACHERS?! Why Do You All Love to Unleash Hell?!

When I was in 8th, 9th and 10th I loved creating a mayhem out of a very orderly class. I cross talked, ate during lectures, hid chalk and dusters, emancipated my art onto walls and furniture, bunked, etc. This wonderful passion made me one of the most famous kid amoung other students, and the most infamous among educators. 

With great power comes great responsibility: As a result of all my misbehavior I also had to face a lot of consequences. Consequences like one hour long guidance lectures, two to three days suspension and parent-teacher meetings (rather teacher-front-bitch-about-you-infront-of-parents meeting), etc. The one and only thing thing which kept me from being expelled from school was my very good academic performance  (got my intelligence from mum! And nature from dad) 

Then came 11th, second last year of my school. I chose science stream. The first three months went just like my usual days of highschool, however my academic score drastically decreased. I was really moved and made the biggest and most mature decision of my life(till now): I decided to leave my passion for the sake of my future. It was really very hard for me because I didn’t just have to leave a habit, I had to change my self and become more serious(very unlike me). I stayed away from trouble and soon other students started saying that I’m becoming boring day-by-day. I took it positively as I knew that meant I am coming close to my goal. My first achievement was spending a whole week without being punished, then two weeks and eventually it became a month. Though I became more mature and my scores came around, I lost all my popularity which is everything to an adolescent. Despite losing that I kept myself together, knowing all this sacrifice will help me have a bright future. 

A year went by, teachers were shocked and amazed. I was in there good books (I didn’t take it as an achievement at all though). They started appreciating me and stopped talking to me in a condescending manner. 

A year of not being yourself takes a lot of effort, I even went through depression because of doing all this. 

Then yesterday happened, my parents were called at school. Why? Because last week during my dance class (in our school we have a “workex” class which includes dance,drama,etc.,it is basically a break for students from the stress of 11th and 12th) I was out with my friend Aman discussing the math paper we had that day. They said I was bunking! The thing is: not even a single child takes workex seriously. Half don’t attend the classes only and half assume it to be a chit-chat session. Moreover, our workex teacher was absent that day. So not only i was out during a  completely unproductive class, but also our workex teacher was absent so practically I was missing NOTHING!! Rather I was spending it more productively by discussing the math paper with my buddy. Ugh! 

During the ptm the teachers completely disregarded my effort of ONE FUCKING YEAR. In my school news spreads like wild fire (amoung teachers too). Now every teacher again gives me that ol’familiar look. Comments like “Adhiraj I thought you have changed” and “You always been that old brat from inside? Eh?” are thrown at me. It’s like my hard work of one year has vanished in thin air.

Reputation is like a tower of cards. It takes a lot of time and care to make but one small mistake and the whole tower comes down.


18 thoughts on “TEACHERS?! Why Do You All Love to Unleash Hell?!

  1. It’s Tania stopping by from the Blog Pitch Party and I must say I am outraged on your behalf! To have a whole year of effort disregarded like that is so not fair. Do not let this define who you are, they may not have changed but you have, now, more than ever is the time to remember that. You have worked too hard to let this setback derail you!

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  2. Reputation precedes us man.You know what there may still be people ready to put you in same box ,even after you have made some great achievement & slip just a little.So, chill alright & don’t pay attention. You know what you want , go for it

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  3. Great post and what you said at the very end is absolutely the truth. Reputation is very important, but it can come down like a ton of bricks. Even when you are working hard and not being appreciated for doing your very best to impress the teachers, they still disregard and discard you while rewarding those who suck-up to them.

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