What is the most mysterious thing in this world?

What is the most mysterious thing in this world?

​* this is a fiction, no people mentioned actually exist*

As usual, I came tired in my class. Tired because (like all the other teens) I slept late as I was busy doing all the unproductive activities on the internet one could think of (youtube, 9gag, etc.). After taking attendance, our class teacher announced that she would be changing our seats. To this day I don’t know why the idea struck her but I’m glad she did that because of what happened later. All the hustle bustle of chairs  and the grumbling of students about being seated far from their besties got over in about 20-30 min. 

I was too weary to care whether I was seated around interesting people or not.

During math class sir divided us in groups (I don’t remember the reason but I know it was the beginning of something strange). One of our group members, let’s call him Raj, asked Natasha (another made up name) the solution of a question he was stuck at. While Natasha was explaining him the answer, for some reason he said “Natasha why are you doing that?” 


“That thing with your eyes, It’s funny.” He said it with a face as serious as it can be. Maybe he was doing it just to embarrass her? I don’t know. After realising I couldn’t find anything wrong with her eyes, I rested my head against the table to get some rest.

After a few seconds of silence she replied in a very unmodulated manner “Now I’m not explaining. Get lost.”

And I started laughing like a maniac. People around me looked away from their notebooks to see who was splitting his sides while tears rolled down my cheeks. Everyone around me including Natasha was asking me what was so funny but I kept laughing. After my laughter died down even I started wondering what was so hilarious about that last sentence Natasha said. 

In the new seating arrangement Natasha was seated ahead of me. She looked back and said “Now tell me what was up with you?!” I told her I didn’t know maybe lack of sleep had made me crazy. That day whenever she got a chance she turned back and said whatever struck her mind and I chuckled at her every thought: thoughts which I would have found very lame if someone else expressed them to me. 

She laughed all the fatigue out of me. She enjoyed talking to me because I was enjoying talking to her too.

After I returned home I couldn’t get my mind off her. Her face was so vivid in my imagination, I felt as if I could draw a perfect portrait of her face. 

She is not the funniest or the most interesting person in this world. She is not the most beautiful girl one could ever see.

But somehow, by a mysterious force she became the funniest person to me. She became the most interesting person to me. She became the most beautiful girl to me. 

Love is a mystery no one can understand.


13 thoughts on “What is the most mysterious thing in this world?

  1. There’s that inner connection that finally hooked up between you two. It’s a weird feeling, isn’t it? Chances are you want to broadcast this new thing in you, and yet again, you want to keep it to yourself to keep it safe, so it won’t go away. Love is amazing.

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    1. This is a book signing party today for an author who wrote fictional novels based on real stories. He just changed something here and there to make the stories interesting, like making movies, they may not always true to the real personal or historical counts. Yes, I read your blog and everyone else’s, remembering that they are not biography, or personal journal. πŸ™‚

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