Best Day Ever!!!

Best Day Ever!!!

​It is midnight and I’ll be sleeping happier than ever. I’m feeling important, interesting and likable, feeling so many good things at once had become alien to me due to all the stress of grade 12. I never knew an ordinary blog about my physics test will bring me so much happiness!

Why am I happy?

My last blog was liked by SIX people! Not a thrilling number for those who have been here for a long time, but it means the world to me. It’s my second day on wordpress and I have already had a good, short and crisp chat with a very interesting women triskathryn94.

 I’m thankful that gary,  triskathryn94 and sableyes found me worthy to be followed, it makes me feel important. You guys are my first three followers and I love you all! Too cheesy? I don’t care I’m sleepy! 

It’s funny how smallest things can impact you the greatest.


2 thoughts on “Best Day Ever!!!

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for liking my most recent blog post, I certainly appreciate it! Nothing wrong with a little positive reinforcement! Just remember, write what you feel first and worry about what other people think later, if ever. The important part is to write what you feel and be true to yourself!

    All best wishes,

    Jay Pochapin

    Liked by 1 person

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