Hard Work Pays? I can only hope

Hard Work Pays? I can only hope

This is the first time I am documenting my preparations for a test. Can’t help it nothing else is going in my mind right now.

Out of all my five subjects, physics has always been the culprit of making me doubt my dream of having a bright future. Though I understand what is being conveyed in the chapters, I always end up getting a disappointing score. 

Since the past few days I have been asking for tips and tricks for the preparation of Physics tests from Tanya. Tanya because she has a record of always getting the highest marks in physics amoung the grade 12 science students. 

What I learnt after talking to her is that to complete a particular chapter she reads it once from NCERT physics textbook and solves all numericals of the chapter from NCERT itself and ABC guide book. She kept focussing on the idea of “Practice makes a man perfect.” 

Three chapters are coming on Wednesday class test: EMI, A/C current and optics. Today is Sunday, one doesn’t have to be very smart to realise I have three days left. So today I’ll be finishing EMI and after completing all its questions I will start with A/C.

I’m working hard to get the fruit, I hope I get it. It’s sad that all I can do is hope and never be sure of what I will end up scoring. 


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